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High end homes should have custom milled trim. After the trim has been installed, it deserves a finish that brings out the natural beauty be it clear or painted. We have the talent to apply finishes flawlessly.
Custom Designed and Built Homes
This is what we do the most of, and we love doing it. What some painters find slow and annoying we enjoy! Patience is needed to get/give the fine finishes these homes demand and deserve.
Ever been to a restaurant to eat a fine meal, only to observe the poor details and sloppy painting of the walls and trim while you wait for your food. That was not a paint job by Ashley Curtis Painting, our work on commercial projects allows for no distraction and everyone can concentrate on what they are paying or being paid to do.
Time and Materials
Some projects have such a drop dead deadline that there is no way to accurately price a project and guarantee a project done on time. Other projects are designed as we go and impossible to price as well. Island work has complications that can't be calculated. All such work is done with maximum efficiency.

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