Company Service

The company is a service company. We answer phone calls, listen to messages, read emails, and strive to meet unspoken needs.
Trim & Door Work
Some homes have generic trim, we rarely see such work. Our services mostly are done on custom designed trim and doors. This custom trim and door work is often built and milled locally in the State of Maine. We give it the proper finishes to make it shine and preserve it for years to come.
Don't forget the outside! The painting season for outside is very short in Maine. The snow, wind, rain, and freezing rain is brutal to outside Trim and Siding. It is a challenge to keep up at times with what Maine weather throws at us. When the exterior is done right from the start, maintaining that great look will be reasonable and within reach. So have the exterior done right and hire us!
Cabinets and Custom Casework
These cabinets are built strong and are built to just fit in a space that they were designed for. Many clients have their own height or size requirements and those custom built cabinets be it kitchen or bath vanitys need to be finished.

Ashley Curtis Painting

Professional Painting Services